For over 40 years WALTHAM™ has been driving industry-leading research that explores the special relationship between humans and companion animals, and has been instrumental in understanding the benefits this relationship brings to both people and pets. As part of this commitment, WALTHAM work with leading scientific institutions to advance and share knowledge of the positive and lasting benefits of pet ownership on human and pet health.  



About the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition


The WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition serves as a leading scientific authority in advancing the frontiers of research into the nutrition and health of companion animals. Located in Leicestershire, England, the renowned state-of-the-art science institute for Mars, Incorporated generates knowledge that enables the development of innovative products that meet pets’ needs in a practical way.


Since the publication of its first original research in 1963, WALTHAM™ has pioneered many important breakthroughs in the field of pet nutrition and human-animal interaction, resulting in more than 1,700 publications, including over 600 peer-review scientific papers.


Today, WALTHAM™ continues to collaborate with the world’s foremost scientific institutes, providing the science and expertise that underpins leading Mars brands such as WHISKAS®, PEDIGREE®, NUTRO™, TRILL™, CESAR®, SHEBA®, KITEKAT, DREAMIES, AQUARIAN, WINERGY, BANFIELD® Pet Hospital and the ROYAL CANIN® brand.


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